Color Enhancement with Adaptive Illumination Estimation for Low Backlighted Displays, IEEE T-MM 2017.

  • S.-C. Pei, and C.-T. Shen, “Color Enhancement with Adaptive Illumination Estimation for Low Backlighted Displays," IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2017.
  • Journal Presentation on IEEE ICIP2017! Presentation Slides: TMM2017
  • Left: Original Input; Right: Low-Backlighted Result using 50 iterative operations.02_original 02_original_Vbeta1_Sen_01332_50
  • Left: Original Input; Right: Low-Backlighted Result using 50 iterative operations.04_original_Vbeta1_Sen 04_original_Vbeta1_Sen_01332_50

Saliency Detection Using Superpixel Belief Propagation, ICIP2014.

  • S.-C. Pei, W.-W. Chang and C.-T. Shen, “Saliency Detection using Superpixel Belief Propagation," in Proc. of 21th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pp. 1135-1139, 2014.
  • System:flowchart
  • Abstrast: We propose a method to detect saliency from a single image using feature extraction and superpixel belief propagation. We observe that the previous works are hard to deal with the intrinsic material discontinuity and non-homogeneous color distribution within an object or a region. Motivated by this observation, we bring the belief propagation into the saliency detection. First, we separate the image into middlelevel superpixels and also extract the low-level feature within each superpixel. Then, we build up a Markov-Random-Field (MRF) on the middle-level super-pixels and adopt propagation technique to optimize the superpixel saliency. Afterward, we refine this middle-level solution to per-pixel saliency map. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed method is promising as compared to the state-of-the-art methods in both MSRA-1000 and SED datasets.
  • Experimental Results on MSRA-1000 Dataset( Input, Superpixels, PR2014, ICCV2013, Ours)0_0_272_example0_0_735_example0_25_25064_example1_30_30895_example1_45_45397_example3_112_112493_example4_127_127386_example
  • Experimental Results on SED Dataset( Input, Superpixels, CA, RC, Ours) atlasredstone_exampleb1chesnuttame_exampleb2pods001_examplefullicewater_examplehot_air_balloons_05_example

Spatially-Varying Super-Resolution for HDTV, ISCAS2013.

  • C.-T. Shen, H.-H. Liu, M.-S. Lee, Y.-P. Hung, and S.-C. Pei, “Spatially-Varying Super-Resolution for HDTV", in Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), pp. 1195-1198, 2013.
  • Talk Slides: ISCAS2013_v5
  • System:


  •  Results #1 chip_merge
  •  Results #2koala_merge
  • Results #3 girl_merge
  •  Results #4kitchen_merge
  •  Results #5 on Video Frames suzie_merge
  • Results #6 on Video Framesforeman_merge
  •  Results #7 on Video FramesDT2800_merge
  •  Results #8 on Video FramesDT3000_merge
  • Results #9 on Video FramesH4800_merge
  •  Results #10 on Video FramesH5000_merge